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The Dead of Winter

dark tales from a bard in training

Sage of Sin
11 November
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I usually go by the name sageofsin. This is a journal that I made to post my fan fiction regarding The Chronicles of Narnia, since my other journal is too full of other fic. I love reading slash, so that's what I usually write. However, my on-again off-again love affair with het fan fiction has recently been rekindled, so you'll find some of that here. I also have a graphics journal, lessersins, where I post icons and other graphics that I've made.

credits: Layout features css from faceon.
Although I do sometimes write general fic or drabbles, most of the fan fiction that I write is of an adult nature. As such, people who are under 18 years of age shouldn't view or friend this journal. It's inconvenient for me to lock my adult fic, and defeats part of the purpose of this journal, since I wanted a place for passersby to view what I write unimpeded.